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Appartment.gr Terms of Use
Terms of Use

The list of businesses has been provided by the local state services.

If you have any objection to the presentation of your business, please contact through the contact page to report your request. After that, to avoid malicious acts, one of our people will communicate with you to confirm your request.

All businesses are registered in the search engine, along with their name and location.

The addition of more details is free and allows the full publication of all the business details, the property description, the area activities, twenty photos, the exact position in satellite map, link to the website of the property, GPS coordinates and the business contact page.

The business data are published exactly as they are sent.

All items must be compressed and sent here by setting in the "Load Image" the compressed file .

GPS Coordinates

To extract the geographic coordinates of the accommodation click here and select the satellite to find your accommodation on the map. Once you find it place your mouse over the property and press the right mouse button . From the menu that opens select " What's here ? " . In thetask bar will appear two decimals that are the coordinates of the facility. Copy and paste the numbers in one of the files you will send us with the words "GPS coordinates " .

File compression

To compress the data you want to send us open a folder on your computer and collect all the items in the folder . When finished , place the mouse over the file and press the right mouse button . In the menu that opens select compression in " ... " and after the end of the task the file will be ready for shipment.

Each company must:

1) Indicate the true, complete and current personal data, as requested each time.

2) To inform Appartment.gr immediately of any change of data and to provide any information required. These data are not resold or disclosed to others freely, but Appartment.gr reserves the right to take any measures (eg temporary discontinuance of service, etc.) deemed necessary against those who use the website with false information.

The exchange of information with the companies will be radically digital with few exceptions.


National Bank: 217/961152-57

Peiraius Bank:

Eurobank: 0026-0232-50-0100254908

Αlpha bank: 480-00-2786003846




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